DIY Applications
04/12/2009 at 16:06
What You Need:
1x SS13E - Slimline Wall Switch
1x TM13SA - Tranceiver Module
1x LW12 or LM15EB/LM15ES - Either in wall lighting module or a socket rocket module.


Replace your current wall switch by the LW12 in wall switch. With the LW12 in-wall switch, you can control your lights locally or by X10 command.
The SS13E slimline wireless wall switch can be mounted anywhere you like and is used to control the LW12 in wall switch. The SS13E sends a wireless signal to the TM13SA tranceiver module.
The TM13SA tranceiver module receives the SS13E wireless signal and sends a X10 address over the powerline net.
The LW12 receives the X10 address and switches on (or off) the light.
Alternatively the LM15ES/EB (screw-type socket rocket) can be used for an even more simple installation.