DIY Applications
04/12/2009 at 16:06
What do you need:
1x MT10E - mini timer
1x AM12SA - appliance plug-in module
1x LM12SA - Lamp dimmer plug-in module

Place the LM12SA lamp/dimmer module into a wall socket and plug your lamp (for example bedlight) into the LM12SAplugin module. The cable switch can still be used to control your lamp.
Place the AM12SA appliance module into a wall socket and plug your appliance (for example coffee machine) into the AM12SA plugin module.
The MT10E mini timer is comparable to a standard alarm clock (alarm and snooze function) with the possibility to control X10 modules.
The MT10E sends a X10 address and command (for example A1 on) by using the powerline net. The LM12SA plugin module receives the command and switches the light connected to the LM12SA module. The AM12SA can control the appliance connected to the module.
If you would like to watch television in your bed and fall asleep, the bedlight can be automatically switched off by the MT10E. Or when you wake up, the coffee machine has already started when the alarm clock goes off.